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Here at Unique Employment Services, WE KNOW PEOPLE. As a temp agency with over 45 years of experience working jointly with job seekers and employers with job vacancies, we leverage our relationships with companies of all sizes to help individuals advance in their careers and feel appreciated for their skills and talents in specific job roles. Our team takes the time to understand each individual’s skills and employment needs in order to then partner them with the best job listings available right now.

Whether you are looking for the next step in your career or the flexibility of a temporary assignment, Unique Employment Services works to understand your skills, interests and goals and then match you with job openings that suit your skills and lifestyle.

What’s a Staffing Agency?

A temp agency, also known as a staffing or recruiting agency, partners eligible candidates with employers looking to fill a job vacancy or a need for temporary work for a specific assignment. A temp agency works with both the employer and the individual seeking employment to effectively recruit individuals and staff unfulfilled job positions. Employers benefit from working with a temp agency as they have more access to talented and highly-skilled individuals who are able to fill their job vacancies. Job seekers benefit from working with a temp agency by having easier and greater access to job openings and direct contact to great employers.

A temp agency can connect individuals to a wide range of job openings, although usually these job openings are temporary, or for short-term specific assignments. In the industrial job market, temp agencies typically help to connect individuals to industrial projects. Once the project is complete, the individual may move to another project with another industrial company. An industrial job temp agency, such as Unique Employment Services, continues to help individuals find temporary or contract employment opportunities after each project is over to ensure the individual is never without employment.

Matching Skills and Opportunities

Individuals looking for employment opportunities have a wide range of needs that a temp agency can help to fulfill. Some individuals may be looking for a job opportunity that will work around their class or family schedules. Other individuals are weary of making a long-term commitment to an employer without testing to see if there’s a cultural or personality fit first. A temp agency can help you by taking into consideration all of your specific needs, experience, and desires for employment to help partner you with job opportunities that are a perfect match for you. Find short-term industrial project employment opportunities, or career building job positions that utilize your skills and experience to advance your career.

Unique Employment Services matches individuals to industrial job opportunities based on the individual’s experience, employment needs, availability, and skills. As a personal job search agency, Unique Employment Services doesn’t just match individuals to the next available job opportunity. Our team takes into consideration both the individuals’ needs as well the employer’s needs to partner individuals with specific job opportunities that they will enjoy and employer’s will benefit from. By matching skills and opportunities, employers fill job vacancies with qualified talent and individuals are more satisfied with their employment.

Find short-term industrial project employment opportunities, or career building job positions that utilize your skills and experience to advance your career.

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Many businesses are in need of talented, professional welders to fulfill a specific project need, or even to bring on full-time with a career as a welder. If you’re looking for a welder job in the Corpus Christi area, contact the staffing team at Unique Employment Services to connect with welding job opportunities in the area.

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Forklift Operators

Looking for a forklift operator job in the Corpus Christi area? Do you have the qualifications needed for a career as a forklift operator? Contact our team today to learn about the forklift operator job openings near you.

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Warehouse Workers

If you’re interested to learn what it’s like to work in a warehouse for both large and small companies, contact Unique Employment Services. Our team can connect you to warehouse worker job openings in the Corpus Christi area that fit your needs and your skills best.

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Administrative Assistant

Are you interested in becoming an administrative assistant? Contact us today to learn about the administrative assistant positions available in the Corpus Christi area. Our team will connect you with the company and the job position that fit your needs and qualifications to help you grow in your career and find your perfect employment opportunity!

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Do you have experience working as a receptionist? Are you looking for a new receptionist job at a great company? Contact us today to learn about the receptionist job openings in the Corpus Christi area and to connect with employers near you.

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Medical Assistants

Contact Unique Employment Services to connect with employers that are looking for medical assistants. Our team can help to connect you with medical assistant job openings in the Corpus Christi area to kickstart your career and help you find the right job that fits your needs and your skills.

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Medical Billing

Do you have great organization skills and receptionist and/or secretary experience? We are always placing skilled individuals with medical billing departments around the Corpus Christi area. Looking for a medical receptionist job? Contact us.

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Warehouse Clerks

Warehouse clerk job openings are available in the Corpus Christi area. If you’re looking for a new employment opportunity and have the qualifications for a warehouse clerk position, contact Unique Employment Services today!

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Accounts Receivable

There are so many accounts receivable/payable job openings in the Corpus Christi area with great companies that offer a unique work environment and great job benefits. If you’re interested in a job in accounts receivable/payable, contact Unique Employment Services today!

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For those looking for a change in careers, or interested in new job openings for CPAs, contact Unique Employment Services today! Our team can connect you with great employers looking for qualified, hard working CPAs to strengthen their company and contribute to their unique work environment.

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Mortgage Loan Officers

Do you have experience as a mortgage loan officer and are looking for a new job opening? There are mortgage loan officer job positions available in the Corpus Christi area, and Unique Employment Services can connect you to the position that best suits you. Contact us today.

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For individuals experienced in the field of engineering, or looking to begin their engineering career, contact Unique Employment Services and connect with great companies looking for professional engineers. Our team will work with you to connect you to the job opening that best fits your needs and your skill level, to help find you an engineering job position in the Corpus Christi area.

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If you’re looking for an accounting job position in the Corpus Christi area, contact Unique Employment Services. Our team will connect you with various employers in the area that are looking for hardworking individuals to fulfil vacant accounting job positions. Contact us today and find the perfect accounting position that fits your needs and skills!

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We've Helped Businesses Just Like Yours

Laura "Unique Employment Services truly understands my needs. I actually had an emergency and they had someone in my office within 15 minutes! I was blown away. I now use Unique for all of my temporary and key-employee searches. Their service and response times are second to none in Corpus Christi." OWNER, INSURANCE COMPANY Laura Nancy “Our company has used Unique Employment Services for several years and we’ve been completely satisfied on all levels. Their staff is pleasant, professional and very dedicated to finding exactly what we need. It is very evident that the applicants are thoroughly screened based on our needs which saves our team a lot of time and resources. And I just really enjoy working with them which is always nice.” HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER, HEALTHCARE COMPANY Nancy Gary “Over the last few years we have depended heavily on Unique Employment Services to fill our staffing needs. Unique has excellent follow through with exceptional attention to detail. Needless to say, we get excellent service and look forward to working with them for many years to come.” SAFETY DIRECTOR, CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Gary Lisa “As a manager in a busy multi-physician clinic, I am sometimes faced with the challenge of making sure that I have enough staff to accommodate our fast-paced environment. It is such a comfort knowing that I can reach out to Unique Employment Services to assist me with finding reliable and qualified professionals quickly. They always listen to my needs and provide the best possible candidates for the positions. I am extremely satisfied with our partnership with Unique!” MANAGER, FAMILY MEDICINE CLINIC Lisa Justin “As a Business Manager of a high traffic medical practice, it had always been difficult finding the right temporary employees through other local agencies. Without exception, Unique Employment Services has always been able to provide our office with exactly what we need. In fact, many of whom we thought would be temporary placements, became full time employees in our practice. They are just that good! Their attention to detail and keen listening skills has helped us greatly!” BUSINESS MANAGER, MEDICAL CLINIC Justin Lisa “As an Office Manager at a busy dermatology clinic, I do not have time to review applications and schedule numerous interviews. It is such a relief to know that I can rely on Unique to immediately take action when we need it. And their contagious personalities make them fun to work with, yet they are complete professionals who are totally committed to getting us the right applicants. I highly recommend the team at Unique!" OFFICE MANAGER, MEDICAL CLINIC Lisa Bob “I have used The Wilson Group, now a Division of Unique Employment Services, for more than 16 years. Anne is exceptional at conducting pre-interviews and screenings so that I get great candidates with verified skills, in a timely manner. I appreciate her professionalism and that she does not use 'high pressure' tactics. We have a great relationship that hopefully will last well into the future.” BANK EXECUTIVE Bob Darrel “What a stellar performance history! For decades we have called on The Wilson Group, a division of Unique Employment Services, to place a wide variety of positions—from clerical to the COO. Because of their thorough vetting process we have found employees who are happy, successful, and here for the long-term. We plan to keep calling on Unique for decades to come!” PRESIDENT, ENERGY COMPANY Darrel

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