Employees Frequently Asked Questions

When are timesheets due?

  • Every Monday before noon

Where do I submit my timesheets?

  • Timesheets can be summitted via email, fax, dropped off in the white box at the Unique office, and drop box for nights and weekends located on the side of the Unique office.

When do I receive my first check?

  • The following week after work is performed.

When are pay days?

  • Every Friday

How long does the application process take?

  • Allow 1 to 1.5 hours. When you visit our office, job seekers will fill out an application, have an interview with a staffing supervisor, and may complete a skills assessment.

Do you pay daily?

  • Weekly. Every Friday.

How will I get paid? (check or card)

  • Employees will be paid by direct deposit or by Money Network Card

What if I have a criminal history?

  • Answer all questions on the application truthfully. If you have a criminal history it will show up on your background check.   A criminal history may not be a factor for many available positions. The ultimate decision lies with the client company.

How do I access my pay stubs?

  • You may access your pay stub at www.uniqueemployment.com. The information you receive as a New Hire will contain instructions for accessing your pay stub and W2 information online.

Do I come in or will they call me?

  • Unique Employment prefers that you visit our office. A staffing supervisor will visit with you to ensure that we find you the right fit.

Is there a fee for your services?

  • No. The client pays for us to find candidates for open positions. The job seeker does not pay a fee for our services.

How long are the assignments for?

  • The length of assignments varies with each position. The most common assignment is Temp-to-Hire in which temporary positions become permanent after a trial period.

Will I get a job today?

We hope you will get a job today but it all depends on the positions available and your qualifications to fill those positions. Regardless, we keep you in mind as other positions become available.

Client Frequently Asked Questions

What type of services does Unique Employment Services provide?

  • Unique Employment Services provides quality placements for temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire and executive positions.

What industries do you staff?

  • Unique Employment Services sources talent for Industrial, Technology, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, and Administrative/Clerical sectors.

When are invoices sent out?

  • Every Thursday

How are the hours submitted to Unique?

  • Unique Employees fill out a timesheet that is provided to them at the time they are hired. They submit that to the client for approval every Monday morning employees need to submit to Unique for payment.

When is payment due?

  • All payments for invoices are due net 15 days of the invoice date.

What do I do if an employee calls me directly?

  • Please direct them to Unique Employment Services. We will conduct preliminary interviews, skills testing, background checks, drug testing, and other requirements for the position(s) your company has available.

In what areas do you provide staffing services?

  • Primarily, Unique Employment services the Greater Corpus Christi area.