Unemployment is at an all-time low.  In Texas, the unemployment rate is hovering at 3.8% with March 2019 job gains in healthcare, professional and technical services.  This coupled with the increase in permits and oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, shale oil production in the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford, and other oil-rich areas, I’ve heard the joke made, “if you want a job in Texas and can pass a drug test, you’re hired!”

In fact, for the past year the number of open jobs has surpassed the number of people looking for work.  For the first time in recent history, the majority of open jobs are skilled labor, not professional.  The working-class baby boomers are retiring in droves, and a college education has become more common than vocational training.  Yet, the demand for blue-collar services continues to rise.

What’s a company to do? 

  • Give them what they want. Wage has long been the driving factor in attracting workers.  While wages are important, understand that the new work force values other aspects of a job like time off, flexible schedules and tuition reimbursement.  Gen Y, and Gen Z are more likely to want time-off for travel, volunteer projects, and continuing education than their Gen X and Baby Boomer predecessors.   A good staffing agency is watching hiring trends and can help direct you and help you negotiate all aspects of an offer.
  • Check your job descriptions. The new workforce wants authenticity and vitality.  They want to be connected and inspired and to know that their job makes a difference.  Don’t simply list job duties and responsibilities; give a big-picture view of the position and its importance to the overall company, society, and the world.  Staffing agencies are well-versed in job descriptions and can use their expertise to help your offer rise to the top.
  • Tap into vocational schools and those who have a job but may be looking for a better situation. This is where a staffing agency can really shine.  Professional staffing managers and recruiters have a network of candidates who are already employed but might be looking for a different job or better situation.  Agencies also tend to have good relationships with academic advisers who keep them updated on qualified graduates.  These avenues are rarely available to Human Resource managers, so engaging an agency could bring you candidates you might otherwise never see.
  • Get the word out. Social media and the internet have changed how job postings are distributed.  There are many job sites, so finding the right one for your opening may be cumbersome and expensive.  Staffing agencies are well-equipped and well-invested in  multiple sites to get your job opening in front of the right people at the opportune time.

With a booming economy, shifting trends in the labor force, job openings, and the desires of the new generations, simply posting a job isn’t what it used to be.   Look to a credible staffing agency for advice on hiring trends, job descriptions, access to a larger labor pool, and multiple avenues to get your job posting noticed.

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