Workforce Solutions of the Coastal Bend (WFSCB) has received targeted funding and continues to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey. The Hurricane Harvey Relief Initiative is designated to rebuild impacted cities, counties, schools and other eligible damaged property by working with government and community based organizations to identify qualifying jobs and connect qualifying dislocated workers to fill those jobs.

This initiative provides a basis to ensure an effective workforce response system to create temporary jobs by assisting with clean-up, recovery and humanitarian efforts in the Coastal Bend region.

Temporary Jobs Last Up to a Year

The Hurricane Harvey Relief Initiative has many temporary jobs to benefit communities by providing additional workers to supplement their staff during disaster recovery.  These relief jobs last up to a year and job seekers may also qualify for training to prepare them for available positions.  Self-employed workers may be eligible as well.

Start the Process

A detailed job description can be found in The program does require eligibility. To begin the process any job seeker can go to to fill out the questionnaire.  Our team will then call and ask additional questions and schedule an eligibility appointment if appropriate. 

We seek to help job seekers find employment.   Click here for a list of Hurricane Harvey Positions