Selecting the right staffing agency is the first step to having the right personnel for your business, whether contract employees, temp-to-hire, or direct hire services are needed.   Here are the must-have features and services to look for when selecting your staffing agency:

  • A good track record: Choosing a staffing agency with a proven track record is important.  An agency with long-term clients is the best indicator of a true partner.  They have retained happy customers and they have the expertise to put the right candidates in the right positions.
  • Hometown credibility: Nobody knows you like your own hometown.  A staffing agency that has stood the test of time in their community is an invaluable resource.  National agencies may have an office in various markets, but they do business the way their corporate office dictates.  A locally-owned company knows the culture, the people, and the business environment.
  • Getting to know you: An agency that puts time and effort into understanding your business, your needs, and your requirements becomes a true partner.  The more understanding between you, the more the agency can help.  Great firms have a consulting flair that adds significant value to the process and ensures the best result for you.
  • Industry or functional area expertise: You want your agency to know the area for which they are asked to hire.  This means you will need a staffing agency that has highly qualified course personnel who are knowledgeable in multiple areas, from accountants and paralegals to forklift drivers and electricians.  Many agencies have dedicated staffing specialist whose focus is in a few areas of expertise, which ensures you always have specialized individual(s) right at your fingertips.
  • Full-service: More than simply sifting through resumes, a good staffing agency will interview the candidates in person, and offer skills assessments, background checks, drug screens, and other services you may need to ensure the best candidates come through your door.
  • Cost-effectiveness: With every business, sticking to the budget is crucial.  That’s why it is important to know how much money it will cost to hire a staffing agency.  Price should not be the driving factor, value is most important.   At Unique Employment Services, we are committed to delivering quality individuals in a variety of fields at very practical prices.
  • Relationships: Having a good working relationship with candidates is a must with any staffing agency.  Agencies that take care of their candidates tend to have highly qualified individuals applying for jobs.  Plus, having an abundance of candidates to choose from is helpful to companies looking to hire personnel quickly.  In other words, if you have a need for new staff right away, you don’t wan to wait for weeks or even months for the right candidate.

Finding an agency that checks all the boxes ensures you have what you need, when you need it to meet or exceed your goals.   As the staffing agency becomes your true partner, their expertise will let you hone in on filling your needs efficiently and cost-effectively.  For more information, download the Business Owner’s Complete Guide to Successfully Hiring Temporary Staff and Direct HiresCall Unique Employment Services today at 361-852-6392 to see how a staffing agency can be your true partner.