Finding the right fit is equally important for employers as well as employees.  Temporary to permanent placement might be the best solution for both.   A credible staffing agency is the best mediator of such an arrangement.

A good staffing agency ensures candidates are thoroughly vetted, usually including skills testing, background checks, drug tests, and personal interviews.  The agency works with the employer to understand the position requirements, company culture, and situation.  The selection process is narrowed to a few highly-qualified candidates who interview with the employer, who then makes the selection.

In a temporary to permanent arrangement, the employee is hired as a temporary employee for a specific period of time, typically 90 days.  During this time, a full-service staffing agency will maintain the payroll of the employee and pay appropriate state and federal taxes.  The staffing agency also covers the temporary employee for Workers’ Compensation insurance, bonding, and general liability insurance.  The employer manages the employee’s work and scheduling.

After the specified period of time, the company is under no obligation to hire the employee on a permanent basis.  Employers can utilize this staffing option when they would like to evaluate an employee’s performance prior to making a permanent commitment.  Since payroll, taxes, and insurance are covered by the staffing agency, administration is minimized.

For employees, finding the right fit is just as important.  Being represented by a credible staffing agency ensures you are matched with the best companies that fit your qualifications, personality, and goals.  The staffing agency has the inside track on the companies, and has gotten to know you, and the professional placement specialist is highly skilled at match-making.

A temporary to permanent position lets you try on the company without making a firm commitment.  A temporary position gives you a chance to get acclimated, and see if you fit into the culture.  It also gives you a chance to shine.  By working diligently and exhibiting your skills, you position yourself for a permanent situation, or for another position the staffing agency has, if you find the temporary position is not a good fit.  You and employer will give feedback to the agency whether a permanent position was offered or not.  The placement specialist listens to feedback with a critical ear, deciphering company culture and personalities from skills and performance.   If this is the right fit, congratulations on your new permanent position!  If not, the placement specialist will continue working with you to find the perfect fit.

Overall, temporary to placement staffing gives can be ideal for certain situations where both the employer and the employee desire a chance to try each other out before making a firm commitment.  Unique Employment Services is dedicated to finding the right fit, every time.