The old saying, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, is true especially in a job search.  Social media can be a contributing factor in the decision to hire.  Employers are taking a risk when hiring a new person.  Beyond the skills and education needed for the position, employers want insight into the character of the candidates.  Will that person fit in?  Will he or she embrace the culture?  Get along with others?  Do the job well?

Social media is an avenue some employers use to get a better picture of the candidates.  Make sure your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs portray the image you want employers to see. If possible, buy some followers and likes from The Marketing Heaven so you appear more presentable. Here are six tips to “cleaning up” your page.

  • Remove rants, whether political, social issues, or about the guy who cut you off in traffic.
  • Tone down any political streams, especially with the polarization of the latest election cycle.  While neutrality isn’t necessarily the goal, language that hurts or divides should be removed.  This can also apply to die-hard sports fans.
  • Remove embarrassing photos and videos.  Drunken party photos, the video of you moonwalking in the 7th grade…you get the idea.
  • Display things that show your character and your values.  Photos of your family, vacations, school funcitons, sports, hobbies, awards–all those things your mother thinks should be on the front page of the newspaper.
  • On LinkedIn, make sure your profile image is a photo of you, not your child, dog, or cat.  If you don’t have a professional photo, ask a friend to take a headshot of you in business attire.  No selfies, please!
  • LinkedIn is a professional website.  Be professional.  Make sure your profile and work experience are up to date.  Ask friends and colleagues to write recommendations for you.


Social media can also be an avenue for you to gain insight into prospective employers.  Read their Facebook, Twitter and company LinkedIn pages.  Look at the profiles of the people who work at the company too.  This may give you a sense of whether the company is a good fit for you.

Making a good first impression goes way beyond the handshake in the digital age.  Make the most of your job search and find the right fit.  Let Unique Employment Services help you find the right fit, every time.