Be prepared when visiting a staffing agency.

We’ve rolled out the welcome mat for you.  For your first visit to a staffing agency to be productive, make sure you have valid identification with you, most commonly used are a driver’s license and social security card.  The ID should be in good condition—not torn, cut, laminated, or too faded to read.  Check to make sure your ID hasn’t expired.  The staffing representative will make a copy of your forms of identification to attach to the I-9 form.

Be complete.

Take your time when completing your application.  The more information you can give about your skills, work history, and experience, the better for the staffing supervisor to place you.  Bring your employment history or resume with you to ensure correct names and dates.

Be truthful.

When completing the application, make sure your answers are accurate.  Any false statements will nullify your eligibility.  If you have a criminal record, disclose it.  It may not be a factor for the position for which you are applying, however if you conceal the information, it will automatically make you ineligible when the information is discovered in a background check.

Be ready to take a skills assessment.

Make sure you are rested, clear-headed, and not distracted. This way you can perform your best on the assessments.  It is ideal not to bring small children with you to the agency as they may distract you or others.

Be dressed appropriately for an interview.

A staffing supervisor will be ready to talk with you concerning your skills, background, and availability.  Look over your information and be ready to discuss your interests.  Be sure to smile and leave them with a good impression.

Unique Employment Services welcomes you.  Our staffing supervisors will work hard to find you the right fit, every time.