If you’ve lived in Corpus Christi, Texas for any length of time you have at least heard of Beach to Bay.  In the weeks leading up to this one-of-a-kind relay marathon, Beach to Bay was discussed at nearly every social setting.  Someone in the group would be running.  Someone had run in the past.  And almost everyone had a Beach to Bay tidbit to share.

The race evokes the spirit of Corpus Christi.  All are welcome to participate—all ages from small children to senior citizens, of varying fitness and skill levels, from all backgrounds—in teams of friends, co-workers, civic organizations, nonprofits, clubs, and loosely connected groups who just wanted to run.  Cheerleaders lined the relay hand-off points and finish line to encourage and congratulate all.  And while many were tracking personal and group challenges of finish times, the primary focus was simply to come together as a community.

During the event, I was reminded of Unique Employment Services.  Workers of varying backgrounds and skills walk through our doors every day and are welcomed.  Our staffing supervisors work diligently to find the right “team” for placement, as they cheer and encourage workers and employers alike.  As a local, family-owned company, Unique has the hometown advantage.  We know Corpus Christi and all that makes it a vibrant community—whether Beach to Bay, the hiring needs of businesses, or the talent pool of the workforce.   We see the workers and employers of Corpus Christi come together as a community every day.  Unique Employment Services is there to guide both in finding the right fit, every time.